PPC Advertising Review

What is Clicksor ?

Clicksor is a contextual PPC advertisement network that is wisely being used, specially for lead generations and affiliate marketing. Since this is my first post on paid per view traffic, I would like to explain you what kind of traffic you get and how Clicksor works.

Clicksor’s objective is to provide entrepreneurs with knowledgeable information and the best customer service in achieving their advertising needs. When I fill in the campaign suggestion form, Clicksor sales representative provided me practical campaign-planning advice and discover ad solutions that meet my budget advertising objectives.

What makes Clicksor Special ?

The PPC advertising campaigns could yield you some good return if you are able to run some good campaigns.

Similar to Google Adwords, you could make keyword based targeting and geological targeting, however the only difference is you pay less.

Mostly all other PPC advertisement networks are almost alike, but what makes Clicksor special is its large network. When it comes to competition, Trafficvance could be an alternative, but it needs a referral invitation to start.

You will need to make an initial deposit of 1000$ which you can use in your advertisement campaign later. There are many other PPC networks where you could start with as little as $20 initial deposit, however if you plan for something big, you should start with Clicksor.

Clicksor official webpage (http://www.clicksor.com/contextual-advertising-network) explains how an ad is triggered when a user makes a search for related keyword.

How Much It Costs?

Text Ads (sample) Cost/Pay Per Click (CPC, PPC) $0.05 Per Click
Graphical / Rich Media Banners (sample) Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) $0.80 Per 1,000 Impressions
Graphical Banners (sample) Cost Per Click (CPC) $0.05 Per Click
Pop-unders (sample) Cost Per Visit (CPV) $0.010 Per Visitor
Interstitial Ads (sample) Cost Per Interstitial (CPI) $10.00 Per 1,000 Interstitial Ads

The Conclusion

Clicksor could be relatively cheap in compared to PPC advertisement networks like Google adwords.

You can always use these type of traffic for CPA based campaigns where people get freebies after they convert some offers.

The success rate of your campaign depends on your campaign.




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